Black Truffle Hunting Tour

Black Truffle Hunting Tour

Black Truffle Hunting Tour

A journey to discover the Baganza Valley, including unforgettable scenery, history and ancient flavours!

Early morning wake to meet the tour guide and to head towards the Baganza Valley for the visit to one of the Plants where the inimitable Prosciutto di Parma (Parma Ham) is produced. Visit followed by tasting.
At the end of the visit transfer to the Calestano mountains to discover the king of the forest and of the table: the black truffle of Fragno.
Finding out where truffle grows and how to find it is a unique experience. In the months when it is possible to find it one may start off with a truffle hunter and his skillfully trained dogs.
An unforgettable adventure, to live close to nature (we advise suitable shoes for walking in the countryside).
At the end of the hunt the chef will show the secrets for cooking the truffles in the best way and it will be possible to have a full meal based on this rare and exquisite product!
After lunch transfer to the castle of Sala Baganza, one of the most important fortresses in Parma area, embellished by sumptuous 16th century frescoes.
The fascinating cellars of the castle house the Parma Wine Musem, a sensory exhibition dedicated to the Parma Wine history and culture.

The Parma Ham Plant visit may be substituted with the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Factory visit on request.

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