Prosciutto di Parma – Ham Plant Tour

Prosciutto di Parma – Ham Plant Tour

Parma Ham Plant Tour

In this fertile land, bounded on the north and south by the Po and Apennine ridges between the Enza and the Stirone Valleys the rearing of pigs developed since ancient times, favored by the large woods and the presence of oak trees.

During the visit to the plant you will be able to observe the production process of this delicacy, one of the jewels of the culinary tradition of Parma, and learn about its important history, starting from the analysis of the characteristics of the territory, the pig breeds used from the past to present day, considering the importance of salt for the food preservation and the evolution of techniques and spaces in the processing of ham, to fully understand the origins of the unique character of the Parma Ham: the sweetness!

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