Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Tour

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Tour

Visit to a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Producer followed by tasting

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar owes its existence to the merge of soil and climatic characteristics of the territory and human knowledge, skills and competencies, which in an admirable synthesis have created an exclusive product distinctive of the present day provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, corresponding to the old Duchy of the Este Family.

The origin of this product goes back to the ancient Roman tradition, though the first written records date back to the Middle Ages. Formerly considered a panacea, a cure-all for any illness and a wholesome balm capable of invigorating delicate stomachs and reviving the appetite, it has won over emperors, kings and dukes. The set of barrels, used for the preparation and aging of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, was considered important enough to be included in wills and passed down through generations and to be used to enrich young noble women’s dowries. A tradition that still continues, combining the new with the old generations, representing a binding link with the territory and the family.
Visit followed by tasting and opportunity of purchasing local products.

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