The green “Nel segno del Giglio”

It was in 1993 when this event came to life. Not long ago the restoration of the ancient Reggia di Colorno had been completed and the Park was gradually returning to its ancient, lost magnificence.

The immense effort made by the Province of Parma to restore dignity to the entire historical complex of the ancient palace had returned a place of extraordinary beauty, an ideal setting for great events. Hence the idea of ​​bringing back to the rediscovered Park people who, for passion and competence, knew how to enjoy the great recovery. Thus the quality gardening market was born.
The name of the new creature could only recall the nobility of the place and here “In the sign of the Lily”, where the lily is the floral emblem of the Farnese, Lords of Parma and of this magnificent buen retiro.

Since then, year after year, the show has grown to conquer the qualification of “National” and above all to establish itself among the most loved landmarks by Italian green thumbs and not only. In this twenty year path, the exhibition has assumed an increasingly important role, so much so that it is linked, unique in Italy, with the most titled exhibition of the Continent, that of Courson, in France. While hosting exhibitors and visitors from all over the country but also from other European countries, “Nel segno del Giglio” has made a point of honor: to enhance the many green excellence of its territory. Hence the attention that is given to the initiatives of those who work in the Parma area to recover lost varieties or to safeguard the magnificent parks of a province that ranges from the Apennines to the placid plain of the Po river.

With the exhibition, the Park and the Palace “Nel segno del Giglio” invites its visitors to discover the other infinite wonders of this land: natural parks, historical parks, gardens above all; but also castles, villas, religious settlements that, together with gastronomy, make Parma the ideal destination for quality tourism.
And after having given vent to the passion for greenery, nothing better than to give space to taste in one of the many restaurants in the area, all strictly adept of the cult for the genuine, savory Parmesan cuisine.


24th edition
Nel segno del Giglio

On show – as always – the excellences of Italian and international floriculture.

Friday 21st

Inauguration and opening to the public.

10 am

Awarding of exhibitors selected by the jury.

12 o’clock.


Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd

Opening hours 10 – 19.

Biodynamic gardens and gardens, with ancient and rediscovered plants.

Section entirely dedicated to organic foods.

Plant care.

Gardening experts will be available

to provide information on endotherapeutic and phytotherapeutic treatments to treat all plant diseases.

Garden furniture, books and magazines on the green.

Guardian farmers in the province of Parma.

The custodians of the biodiversity of our territory present not only plant species, but also farm animals of recovered breeds.

Many farmyard and pet animals:
decorative hens, rabbits, African snails, ferrets, sheep from Corniglio, turkeys from Parma.


Musical intervals

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd

Harmonies between the flowers and the fruits of the Reggia di Colorno.

Musical intervals at “il Cariolo”. Annamaria Senatore (voice), Stefano Mambriani (guitar), Liliana Amadei (percussion).

An interval in the morning and one in the afternoon of every day.


Workshops for adults and children

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd

Straw hats from Florence: ancient techniques.

“Things of clay”: clay pots on the lathe with a bicycle.

How the ancient ducks are created with marsh grasses.

Create by hand modeling the clay.

Cast off the baskets with willow and wicker.

Recognize plants through an olfactory path.

Educational activities only for children aged 4 to 12 by Viviana Carra 349 8075018.


Discover the Palace of Colorno!

Often called the Versailles of the Dukes of Parma, the Palace of Colorno is a monumental complex, characterized by more than 400 rooms, courtyards, patios and a beautiful french style garden, which surprises the visitor for the impressive architecture and the charm of a royal eighteenth-century residence, set like a precious stone in the Po valley.

Private tours to the Palace of Colorno can be booked in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.



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