Reopening of the Pilotta Monumental Complex from 3rd June

Reopening of the Pilotta Monumental Complex from 3rd June


After the closing period due to the emergency Covid-19, the Pilotta Monumental Complex will return to welcome visitors on Wednesday 3rd June starting at 2.30 pm. The Museum has reorganized the spaces and remodeled the museum itinerary, adopting the necessary measures to improve its use and make the visitor experience safe and pleasant.

The visit path identified in this phase has been reduced to ensure the safety of the use of the museum spaces, while maintaining the integral path of the exhibition “Fornasetti. Theatrum Mundi “, which will be inaugurated on June 3rd. The exhibition, with the curatorship of Barnaba Fornasetti, Valeria Manzi and the Director of the Pilotta Monumental Complex Simone Verde, has the undisputed merit of bringing together the collections of the Pilotta Monumental Complex and the creations of the artist Fornasetti, master of the genesis of contemporary design.

The route includes the contingent entry of visitors from the Great Vestibule into the Petitot Gallery of the Palatine Library, subsequently into the Farnese Theater, in the East and West sub-stairways of the Theatre, into the Triumph Hall and finally into the nineteenth-century halls. In this way, and only for the following months, the public will be able to experience a Pilotta Monumnetal Complex never seen before: the most impressive monumental spaces will be invested with the multifaceted creativity of the genius Piero Fornasetti and his inventions.

In order to guarantee visitors and staff maximum safety during the reopening phase, the following provisions will be followed:
  • the itinerary will be mandatory and unidirectional to facilitate the fluidity of the visit route;
  • visitors’ entrances will be limited and the use of masks will be mandatory;
  • at the ticket office there will be an employee to check the body temperature measurement with the thermoscanner;
  • the use of the contactless method for the payment of tickets will be favored;
  • the entrance will be equipped with a totem containing general information;
  • at the entrance and along the route, the sanitizing gel will be made available to visitors;
  • specific signs and a map that will be provided to visitors at the same time as the ticket will facilitate the visit to the museum;
  • a distancing sign placed outside the Pilotta Monumental Complex will allow the regulation of the flow of visitors;
  •  the maximum number of visitors allowed in the Pilotta Monumental Complex will be 50 people;
  • up to 25 people access will be possible without restrictions;
  • once the number of 25 people has been reached, the entrances will be limited and allowed to homogeneous visiting units (couples, families, groups) every 5 minutes;
  • the cleaning and sanitizing service of all rooms and surfaces will be guaranteed.

These measures are adopted in the more spacious areas of the Institute, so as to be able to ensure safety distances. During their stay visitors will be asked to strictly comply with the anti-contagion measures: wear the mask, respect the distance of 1.5 meters, clean hands with the sanitizing gel and avoid gatherings.

In conjunction with the Fornasetti – Theatrum Mundi exhibition, the entrance ticket prices are as follows:
  • Full € 10
  • Reduced from € 8 (maximum 5 people with accredited tour guide)
  • Reduced from 18 to 25 years of age € 5
  • For children under 18 and over 5 years of age € 3
  • Free for children under 5 years of age

The cumulative single ticket valid for two consecutive days is temporarily suspended.

Groups (made up of a maximum of 5 people) must be accompanied by tourist guides. Buying tickets on line is recommended.

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