Visit Emilia Romagna, Travel Tips – Parma Hillside Food Trail

Visit Emilia Romagna, Travel Tips – Parma Hillside Food Trail



We know that sooner or later the emergency will end and we will also return to travel!

Lately, soon after the lock down, we saw fish swimming in transparent water and dolphins jumping in the lagoon in Venice, birds flying again in pure air and squirrels jumping in the parks of Milan. Tourism will start again, but shouldn’t all this teach us something?

The tourist guides of Artemilia are waiting for you to discover the flavors of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma with a slow paced food and wine tour through vineyards, picture-postcard villages and medieval hamlets far from the maddening crowds.

Emilia Romagna is truly stunning! A perfect blend of history, art, legend, unspoiled landscapes, gastronomic delicacies and folklore. Start plannig your next eco-friendly adventure, visit Emilia Romagna!

Once you will have chosen Parma do not forget this tip: don’t just visit the Parma hillside, taste it! We are passionate about local food heritage, its artisan-producers’ stories and the skill and innovation of its chefs. The Parma hillside food trail is a mouthwatering showcase of artisan producers and foodies throughout the Parma hillside.

We will visit a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese dairy and witness the production process, side by side with the master cheesemakers. At the end of the cheese dairy tour we will be inebriated with the unmistakable aromas of the king of cheeses tasting different ageings of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

We will head to a Prosciutto plant crossing the amazing Parma hills region. We will discover the secrets of the sweetness of Prosciutto di Parma visiting all the rooms used during the production process: the salting area and machines, the first and the second salting, the preresting, the resting, the washing, the precuring and the curing rooms. The visit will be followed by tasting of Prosciutto di Parma and traditional cured meats with a glass of DOC Parma hills wine.

We will end with a stroll through the gorgeous mediaeval hamlet of Torrechiara and a visit to the castle, which is considered one of the most beautiful and well preserved castles of the Parma province.

If you want to discover the heart and soul of Emilia Romagna, this tour was made for you!

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