The Parma Lowlands Food Experience

The Parma Lowlands Food Experience

The Parma Lowlands Food Experience

The Lowlands of the Province of Parma consist in the plain north of Parma: the area that goes from the Via Emilia to the Po river, the lowest part above sea level of the whole province. It is a territory to discover and enjoy at a slow pace, characterized by the respect for ancient traditions, rich in history, art and genuine food.

Our route to the discovery of the Parma Lowlands starts crossing by car the strip of land running from the Parma Morta Reserve to Maria Luigia’s Woods in Torricella, near the meandering of the Taro river , to reach Zibello and Polesine Parmense, places where it seems as if time has stood still.

After a visit to a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese factory – the king of cheeses has been produced in this area since medieval times – it will be possible to visit a farm devoted to the recovery of ancient local races, from the white mantled cows to the ancient pig breed “Nera Parmigiana”, observe the farm animals, the vegetable gardens and the vineyards. The masterpieces of the local culinary tradition, such as Culatello, Fiocco, Spalla di San Secondo, Salami, Strolghino, are produced and refined in the magnificent cellars of an ancient fortress of the early XIV Century, perfectly restored and endowed with a fine restaurant, where it is possible to enjoy the best of the Parma cuisine. Few people know that this is the area in the world where the greatest variety of cured meat products is obtained from pigs!

During the visit you will be able to understand the features and origins of the different products, the characteristics and the history of the king of cured meat, the PDO Culatello of Zibello, the secret of which lies in the careful selection of the meat and aging, favoured by the autumn fog and the sultry summers. The visit ends with a rich tasting or lunch, a real joy for the senses!

Our immersion in Parma Lowlands continues in the afternoon with various options for the visit: from an itinerary dedicated to the most significant places in the life of the great composer Giuseppe Verdi to a relaxing sailing experience along the Po river, to discover stories and anecdotes about the Great River.

To people interested in Art and History – or just curious! – we suggest a visit to one of the many castles in the area, rich in stories, legends and artistic treasures, whilst to the true gourmets we advise a visit to a winery followed by tasting or a memorable experience dedicated to traditional cuisine to learn how to make fresh pasta or to make a real menù, from appetizer to dessert, following the traditional recipes.

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