Discover the Pilotta Monumental Complex with Artemilia Guided Tours in Parma and Emilia Romagna

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the rough and austere walls of the Palazzo della Pilotta Monumental Complex, the Palace symbol of the ducal power of the Farnese in Parma which, following the disastrous bombing of 1944, today resembles an imposing “ruin” from the outside, located right in the heart of the city? Come and discover it with a tourist guide of Artemilia Guided Tours in Parma and Emilia Romagna!

On  February 3rd   2019 and  March 3rd  2019 on the occasion of the ‘Sunday at the Museum’, Artemilia Guided Tours in Parma and Emilia Romagna proposes a visit dedicated to one of the most important monumental complexes of the town of Parma and to the museums kept therein to discover the history of the town: Discover the Pilotta Monumental Complex. Visit to the Pilotta Palace, the Farnese Theatre and the National Gallery of Parma. The tour takes approximately 2 hours. 

Accompanied by a tourist guide of Artemilia Guided Tours in Parma and Emilia Romagna, the rooms of the Palazzo della Pilotta will suddenly come alive with characters who in ancient times crossed them, with sounds, scents and colors. You may come across the dreaded duke Ranuccio I Farnese, grappling with conspiracies or new witch hunts, admire Odoardo Farnese and Margherita de Medici newlyweds sitting in the ducal veron during the long awaited inauguration of the Teatro Farnese.

You may closely observe the Elder Pope Paul III Farnese and discover the secrets of  his great fortune, find out who Pier Luigi, the “ousted” duke, and the great Alexander, who conquered the citadel of Antwerp, were and also what was served at the table of the Duke Francesco Farnese and the last Duke Antonio Farnese. The portrait paintings of the Bourbon family preserved in the Sala delle Colonne will immerse us fully in the French atmosphere of the golden decade of the Little Capital, the portraits of Maria Luigia will recall important historical facts and the great works wanted by the sovereign at the time of her duchy.

Are you ready to take a journey through time, to discover compelling and curious stories? We will be waiting for you on the first Sunday of each month in Parma to discover the jewels contained within the Pilotta Monumental Complex.

Meeting with the tourist guide of Artemilia Guided Tours in Parma and Emilia Romagna at the foot of the staircase of the Pilotta Palace at 2:50 pm. Fees: Guided Tour cost: euro 10,00; free for children under 18 years of age accompanied by an adult. There are no Museums entrance fees to be paid. Booking: Cell. +39 348 4559176.

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Credits: Parma, Pilotta Monumental Complex, Farnese Theatre.
On concession of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism – Monumental Complex of Pilotta.
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